ages 5 & up

Objectives: 1.To instruct the homeschooled participants in our overwhelming victory theme which is a biblically based and Christ centered Christian ethic of competition. 2.To instruct the homeschooled participants in various multi-sports skills with other homeschool participants. 3.To compete in controlled games and learn new skills with other homeschooled participants. 4.To help homeschool families meet their physical education requirements.

League Details
Location First Friends Church Gym 5455 Market Ave. N Canton, OH 44714
Registration Only home schooled children may register. Registrations are available online at our website and in the church brochure racks. A completed registration form and fee must be received in the Sports and Recreation Office for each child registered. Do not include your Sports Fees in your church offering.
Fees $30.00 each child ($5.00 fee for refund)
Duration September 11th, 2014 to November 13th, 2014
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Fall Session:  September 11 to November 13, 2014  Soccer/Kickball/Frisbee outside on two separate fields for two or more age groups.  If weather prevents this, will have basketball inside gym.  Please check website for announcements on scheduled days, and please bring gym shoes for inside sports.   Please wear appropriate clothing for outside sports.  Day & Time: Thursday 12noon-1:00pm

Questions?  Contact First Friends Sports 330-966-6868 or email



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