Lindsay's Law Parent Informational Video

Parents of all participants must (1) watch the video below and (2) review the Informational Handout below before signing the Lindsay's Law Form.

Lindsay's Law Parent Video


Parent Informational Handout

Lindsay's Law Signature Form (Must be signed and turned in)

Arts Academy Parent Welcome Letter

Please click on the link to view the Fall 2019 Arts Academy Parent Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

This is an exercise class that focuses mainly on your upper body. You will be using 5ft poles with flags attached. Requirement: Be able to manipulate a 5ft pole and stand for an hour.  Participants will be responsible for bringing flags back and forth to class.

This class will teach the basic movements for color guard and allow you to put them into different combinations creating a mini routine each week.  This class is not required to participate in the end of session festival, but that can change depending on the participants wishes.  You will build arm strength, learn a new skill and make new friends.  Come join us and let the fun begin!

Instructors:  Erica Fill and Deanna Schmucker

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Registration Requirements: at least 5ft tall, exceptions may be made when meeting with class instructors at Parent Meeting. Students must be responsible with the transportation of Flags between classes. Registration is available online with debit/credit card and will be in the church brochure racks by July 26 and can be turned in at the church Welcome Desk with check/cash during office hours Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm. Paper registration forms will be available at Parent Meeting on Thursday, Sept 5 at 6pm. Payment of check/cash must accompany registration form. Returning students do not need approval from instructor. Returning students do not need to purchase new Flags, if they have one from previous class and is in good condition.
Fees $50.00 plus cost of flag pole and flag $20, if you don't have one from previous session/or, in poor condition. (minimum $5 fee retained if refund requested, see refund policy below.)
Refund Policy: No refund will be given to any participant who withdraws after the second week of class. An exception may be granted at the discretion of the staff due to medical reasons only. Further, no refund will be given to any participant removed from the class during the course of the season for disciplinary reasons. Refund will be determined according to return of equipment and condition of equipment. (pole and flag)
Duration September 12, 2019 to November 14, 2019
Location First Friends Church
5455 Market Ave N
Canton, OH 44714


This class is for adult students age 18 and over.  Requirements:  Need to be able to manipulate a 5ft pole and stand for an hour.  Students will be responsible with the transportation of  Flags between classes.    Returning students have the option of not purchasing a new Flag, if they still have one from previous class and is in good shape.   Make checks payable to First Friends Church.

Classes will be held Thursdays,  5:45pm – 6:45pm.

Parents Meeting:   New students meet the Instructors, Thursday, Sept 5 at 6pm at First Friends Church.  Contact the Sports office at with questions.

What do students wear to flag class?
Comfortable clothes and sneakers that follow these guidelines:

Shorts must be longer than fingertips
No words/illustrations on the derriere
Students with long hair must pull the hair back.
Tennis shoes or other comfortable dance shoes
T-shirt or other shirt that covers shoulders (no tank tops) and bellies.

Fall Dance Festival:  Saturday, Nov 16 at 6pm in First Friends Church gym.  Please Note:  It is optional for this class to participate in the festival, not required.
Dance Festival Rehearsal:  Friday, Nov 15

Instructors:  Erica Fill and Deanna Schmucker

Questions?  Contact First Friends Sports and Recreation Ministry at Ph #330-966-6868, email


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